In August 2018, 145 members of St Thomas' completed a survey. The purpose of the survey was to determine how Christians Engaging Culture could support our church members to share their faith and gain greater insight into how the truth of the Bible informs our perspective on many issues that we face in our culture today. We also asked members how they would prefer to receive this information.

Below you will find a brief graphical summary of some key results. The full report can be found here - Church Survey Results.

We have identified some areas where our church family may wish to develop their knowledge and expertise. Please indicate the priority you think we should place on each of these areas.

How interested you are in developing the skills identified below which would help you engage with non-Christians on social and moral issues?

Below are some methods for providing information to you about different issues and for discussing the information with others. Please rate how likely you are to use each resource.

How likely are you to use any of the following approaches for developing skills?