Recommended Resources from David Robertson

David Robertson has provided some really helpful resources for us to share the gospel in the St Thomas' bulletin letter. We decided to bring them all together in one place for you here.

Book Recommendation: The Cross of Christ by John Stott

'The universal symbol of the Christian faith is neither a crib nor a manger, but a gruesome cross. Yet many people are unclear about its meaning, and cannot understand why Christ had to die. In this magisterial and best-selling book, John Stott explains the significance of Christ's cross and answers the objections commonly brought against biblical teaching on the atonement. John Stott's modern classic is as sharp and pertinent as ever it was. It combines an excellent biblical exposition, and a characteristically thoughtful study of Christian belief, with a searching call to the church to live under the cross.'

Author: John StottPublisher: Inter-Varsity PressDate accessed: 2/7/20

Cafe Online #2 - Miracles

David sat down with Christian musician Colin Buchanan to discuss the topic of miracles (and enjoy some great songs!)

Duration: 1:03:25Speakers: David Robertson and Colin BuchananPublisher: St Thomas' Anglican ChurchDate accessed: 2/7/20

Cafe Online #3 - Does Jesus Speak Today

David sat down with pastor Ray Galea to discuss how Jesus speaks today. Ray also provides amazing testimony to the peace of Jesus in healing racial divisions.

Duration: 1:15:10Speakers: David Robertson and Ray GaleaPublisher: St Thomas' Anglican ChurchDate accessed: 2/7/20

Cafe Online #1 - Did Jesus Exist

In this first edition of Cafe Online, David sat down with Sarah Irving-Stonebraker to discuss the historicity of the gospels and the impact Jesus has had on her life.

Duration: 56:02Speakers: David Robertson and Sarah Irving-StonebrakerPublisher: St Thomas' Anglican ChurchDate accessed: 19/6/20

How Atheism’s Failures Led Influential Professor, Dr. Sarah Irving-Stonebraker, To Christ

In her testimony, Sarah Irving-Stonebraker says 'The premise of human equality is not a self-evident truth: it is profoundly historically contingent. I began to realise that the implications of my atheism were incompatible with almost every value I held dear.'

Estimated read time: 7:15Author: James BishopPublisher: Reasons for JesusDate accessed: 19/6/20

Book Recommendation: Miracles by C.S. Lewis

'The central miracle asserted by Christians is the Incarnation. They say that God became Man. Every other miracle prepares the way for this, or results from this.'

Author: C.S. LewisPublisher: William CollinsDate accessed: 19/6/20

Racism: Is Christianity the Problem or Solution

This is a talk David gave to Rosebay Presbyterian asking if Christianity was the cause or the cure for racism.

Duration: 1:06:13Speaker: David RobertsonPublisher: Rose Bay PresbyterianDate accessed: 2/7/20

Judgement, Salvation & the Living and the Dead

This is a stirring reminder from Dick Lucas that the gospel is all about Jesus, as well as a stirring encouragement to be bold in sharing Jesus with people around us.

Duration: 6:18Speaker: Dick LucasPublisher: SolasCPCDate accessed: 22/5/20

Entertainment in Wartime

You've heard of the phrase, "Entertaining ourselves to death?" Is that what's happening during the Corona Pandemic? David and his Third Space colleague Stephen McAlpine explore ...

Duration: 6:18Speakers: David Robertson and Stephen McAlpinePublisher: Eternity Podcast NetworkDate accessed: 22/5/20

Judgement, Salvation & the Living and the Dead

This is a classic clip from a young John Piper. For many people this challenge from Piper was life-changing.

Duration: 7:28Speaker: John PiperPublisher: Desiring GodDate accessed: 17/6/20

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