Recommended Resources from David Robertson

David Robertson has provided some really helpful resources for us to share the gospel in the St Thomas' bulletin letter. We decided to bring them all together in one place for you here.

Judgement, Salvation & the Living and the Dead

This is a stirring reminder from Dick Lucas that the gospel is all about Jesus, as well as a stirring encouragement to be bold in sharing Jesus with people around us.

Duration: 6:18Speaker: Dick LucasPublisher: SolasCPCDate accessed: 22/5/20

Entertainment in Wartime

You've heard of the phrase, "Entertaining ourselves to death?" Is that what's happening during the Corona Pandemic? David and his Third Space colleague Stephen McAlpine explore ...

Duration: 6:18Speakers: David Robertson and Stephen McAlpinePublisher: Eternity Podcast NetworkDate accessed: 22/5/20

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